I have seen 2 deficiencies in most text-to-speech applications:

1. Premium sound may not be available, most of them have standard AI sounds.

2. Most of them can convert small text such as 5000–7000 characters at one time.

In this new application, you can choose one of the WaveNet voices to get better quality sound and you can convert up to 140000 characters.

Text to Speech Application Application address: https://text2speech.sysarticles.com/

For more information and samples about WaveNet: https://deepmind.com/blog/article/wavenet-generative-model-raw-audio

For any problem or question, you can contact me via info@sysarticles.com .

I created too many important workflows on Commvault.

The use cases:

  • Repetitive restore tests,
  • Conditional backup that makes some operations before it,
  • Create snapshots and mount snap disks to hosts from Hitachi, EMC, and HPE storages.

They have been working without problems for years. So, I would like to talk about the advantages of using a Workflow.



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